Integrated behavioral health, reimagined.

A new approach. Outstanding results.

Explore what sets NovaWell℠ apart.

We passionately believe that treating mental health and substance use disorders demands the same discipline and rigor as treating chronic physical health conditions.

We help hospitals, health insurers and health systems address the major challenges of stigma, access, quality and cost through our four fully integrated, evidence-based solutions.

We focus on improving overall health rather than reducing discrete behavioral health costs. Our first-of-its-kind model delivers results that were once thought to be out of reach.

NovaWell is how behavioral health should be: seamless.

We believe behavioral health is health.

Our nation is in crisis,and integration has never been more critical.


40% of Americans meet the clinical criteria for a mood disorder. (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2020)


67% of Americans with a behavioral health condition will never seek treatment. (NIH, 2013)


120 Million of  Americans live in an area with a mental health professional shortage.(HRSA, 2022)


50% of patients with latent behavioral health conditions are accurately diagnosed. (NIH, 2016)

The impact is an overburdened system and excess cost.

People with behavioral health conditions submit up to 4X medical claims and have 6X as many ER visits. (Willis Towers Watson, 2019)

Integrated behavioral healthcare works,

resulting in a 9% to 17% reduction in total medical expense per patient.